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The Web Site for the Doskey Family and their Friends and Relatives

Here are the home pages of some of the family and friends:
Alex (Me) - Includes Tolkien, Puzzles and Games, and Geometry pages. Or go straight to my JovoToys Website, or my Polyhedra Pages
Jenny (My Wife) - Will include photos and other interests
Ian Sloan (Our oldest son) - Check out Page 2 for all the 8x10s
Rose Alexis (Our daughter) - We will be working on her web pages soon
Quinn Joseph (Our youngest son)
Michele (My sister-in-law) - Her Business and Other Stuff
Paul (My brother) - He's a Medical Doctor
Ethan (My nephew and Godson) - Paul and Michele's big boy
Evan (My newest nephew and Jenny's Godson) - Paul and Michele's newest little boy
Dave (My dad) - Possibly some Joke Pages
Jackie (My mom) - Crafty Stuff and who knows what
Friends and Relatives:
Tiffany - Godmother of my boy Ian (She is not officially a Doskey) - soon will include wedding photos!
Eileen (My Cousin (but not a Doskey)) - Will include cool stuff
Erin (Jenny's Niece and Goddaughter (also not a Doskey)) - Will include cool stuff
Len Ray (one of my best friends since gradeschool) - Link to his own web page

Link to this page is http://www.doskey.com

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